Barbie In The Big House

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Not to mention the time consuming task of bagging up cocaine for international shipment each day...

Working away so tirelessly left little time for play, so Barbie was particularly excited when her Accountancy Firm's end of financial year party finally arrived. Barbie wasted no time at all in letting her hair down and getting into the spirit of things.

Later in the night...
"It's called the booty dance!" Barbie cheered in delight, demonstrating it to the director of the firm.

Soon after, the director summoned the Human Resources manager over for a quick word.
"Helen, please see to it that Barbie's things are cleared out of her desk first thing in the morning."

Half an hour later...

Eventually regaining consiousness, Barbie thanked her co-workers for a lovely night, before heading outside to hail a taxi. Once outside however, she noticed a bar across the street she thought she might like to visit.


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