Barbie In The Big House

Sunday, July 02, 2006

In our last action-packed adventure, Barbie found herself charged with disorderly conduct, and sentenced to six months in Malibu State Penitentiary!

"Hi there Mr Prison Guard, I'm Barbie!" Barbie chirped cheerily as she shuffled into the admissions area.

Initiation into prison life began with a full body cavity search.
"Woah there tiger!" Barbie gasped "Shouldn't you at least buy me a drink first?".

"Do you mind explaining what all of this was doing jammed up your ass Miss?" the officer questioned.
"My tennis racquets!" Barbie cheered inspecting the booty removed from her booty "I was wondering where they'd gotten to!".

Barbie was then taken to her cell, whereupon she met her cellmate. "Pleased to meet you!" Barbie trilled happily "I'm Barbie!".
"Your new name is Bitch," her cellmate sneered "As in MY bitch! Now give me your shoes so I can trade them for smack!!".

Meanwhile in an adjacent cell, Pamela Anderson, imprisoned for repeated public indecency, was also finding her first day in the clink a little trying.
"What is it with these shirts, one size fits all?" she sulked.

Giving up, Pamela jumped up on her bunk, underestimating the weight of her heaving bosom.

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